We make learning enjoyable!

Private Sessions:
Private Sessions offer one on one instruction from an experienced educator. The teacher will communicate with the parent/guardian of the child to specifically discuss which areas of study need improvement or enrichment. Tutors can also offer homework assistance. This can be accomplished either in person or virtually! 

Group Sessions:
Group Sessions range from 2-5 children based on enrollment. The students are separated by age/skill level and given tasks to encourage academic growth. Signing up with a friend in the same grade is encourage.

Standardized Test Prep:
These sessions are designed to introduce children to standardized tests and help them master effective test taking strategies. These sessions will review grade appropriate skills and concepts along with time management skills.  It will also teach strategies for multiple choice questions and written responses.  These sessions will include all of the subjects being tested on the PARCC.

Homework Helpers:
Homework Helpers are high school “honor” students that will assists children with homework assignments, providing direction, clarity, and understanding. Homework Helpers is great for a child who is capable of doing their work but, just needs someone to be there consistently to do it with them. Sessions are 45 minutes and are available Monday-Thursday afternoons between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Students should come a minimum of 2 days a week.